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November 4, 2011
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TO: Ilien d'Emriel by vtas TO: Ilien d'Emriel by vtas
:iconsparklesplz: :iconthe-order-of-saints: :iconsparklesplz:
:icontearplz: I'll update his app asap :icontearplz:

[Age] 23
[Gender] Male
[Height] 5' 10"
[Hair Color] White-blond
[Eye Color] Very pale blue. Turns gold when using magic.
[Birthdate] Celebrates it at New Years.
[Quote] "Sic transit gloria mundi." So passes away earthly glory.
    DIVISION [Healer]
    RANK [High Priest]
    LEVEL 56
    JOB Division Leader, Summoner, Healer in the Infirmary

  • Being independent
  • Surprising people.
  • Taking risks, doing the unexpected.
  • Peeling apples and whistling.
  • Looking up obscure facts
  • Reading outside in the sun on the grass.
  • Taking in strays.
  • Snow, winter.

  • Blood, but he's unfazed by it now.
  • Violence, but he's used to that too.
  • Nobles/nobility.
  • Materialism.
  • Deception, unpredictability.

  • No longer at the cusp of his rebellious teenage phase, Ilien's personality has mostly settled on being friendly, yet mischievous. Just growing into his adulthood, he's usually filled with energy and optimism.
  • He can be stubborn and self-righteous, however, he still lacks self-confidence in himself and often questions his convictions.

  • An illegitimate child of Lusien díConti, 3rd son of one of the most powerful families in Soteria, Ilienís life was unbearably difficult in his early years. He was treated like a whipping boy by his legitimate cousins, shunned by his family, and ostracized by his peers. When his mother, Reniza, committed suicide after she was released from her job as maid to the díConti, he sought refuge inside one of the churches in town.

  • Only eight years old, Ilien collapsed inside the church after trying to gouge out his eyes in his distress. He ended up being temporarily blind in his right eye when he broke a blood vessel in the right ciliary muscle. He was then discovered by Emriel di Luca, a humble deacon at the church. Emriel took him in as an acolyte of the Church and fostered him as though Ilien was his son. Ilien absolutely adored his new guardian, so much so that he rejected the díConti name and fashioned himself as the adopted son of Emriel, Ilien díEmriel.

  • After living with Emriel a year, Ilien was discovered to be one of the "Blessed" when he was able to call on Holy magic to heal his eye. From then on, whenever he uses Holy magic, his eyes would glow as if confirming his first connection with it. Emriel, in order to aid Ilien in his training, decided to move to the Clementia and work as a priest for one of the smaller churches in the city while sending Ilien to join the Order.

  • Ilien worked hard in the Order at first, but when he turned thirteen, he was rebellious and uncooperative. He would disappear for weeks at a time from his studies before showing up in his rooms, dazed and refusing to explain where he had been or what he had done. Emriel, having received such reports from the Order, worried about him constantly until one day, Ilien showed up unconscious and bleeding on his doorstep. That was also the last time he gave Emriel cause to be worried for his well-being.

  • Although Ilien still has an independent streak, it's only in small ways. Despite his rocky youth, the church leaders saw fit to promote him to a leadership position (perhaps because of his unwavering conviction and...creative leadership.) It was only after he was slotted for promotion that his personality steadied out. Friends were surprised at the change; he seemed strangely more mature and at peace with himself, though at the same time, others called him distant.

  • Can estimate the time very accurately.
  • Has sharp hearing and smell.
  • Near sighted in both eyes.
  • Can snuff out candles with his thumb and forefinger.
  • Has pink/ropy/thick scarring on the left side of his face, especially around the left eye
  • Wears cross earring (dangles) on his right ear. Left ear is a men's silver hoop earring with cross etched on ([link]).

  • Ilien brought this bird of fire back with him when he was fifteen and called him Shiva. No one knows where he found him, he simply came back from one of those "disappearances" with him flying overhead. Over time, Shiva's grown almost too big to land on his shoulder.
  • Elements: Fire and Wind.


Ilien d'Emriel © *reaper-bunny Original Story Journal (non-TO affiliated story): [link]
Character Sheet © *Sakura-Pumpkin
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