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V "bun"
United States
Hi, V here~ Thank you for stopping by!
I very much appreciate every fav and comment, even if I don't reply. Though it may not say on the image, I welcome critique. ♥

TOOLS: Adobe Photoshop CS6, Wacom Intuos 5 medium ❖ FAQ: Ask questions about my drawing process, tutorials

Commissions [Open] ❖ Art Trades: Maybe ❖ Requests: CLOSED


All sites except Tumblr: As long as you give clear and visible credit ( or this dA account) in direct connection to the artwork used, and it's for personal, non-commercial purposes, you may repost and use my art without notifying me. (Eg: forum banners, sig, card games, RP refs, features, gaia profile backgrounds, etc.) Tumblr: Please drop me a line if you want reblog onto Tumblr, since I have a main art tumblr account, it's likely whatever you want to post has been posted already, so you can reblog from that instead.
You may not edit or remove my watermark if you are reblogging. You may crop for banners and icons.
Role-play: If you are just using an image for reference, feel free, just make it clear to credit the character design to me. If you wish to actually RP one of my OCs or original artwork, I ask that you make it clear that you are doing a fan-RP and that you do not own the character.
If you have any doubts, just note me! C: I'm sure we can work something out.


instagram (new works & WIPs as I draw them, pencil/traditional media etc)
twitter (drawings, process gifs, & casual tweets/chat with me!)
tumblr (fully finished works & closeups, animated sketches, free wallpapers/downloads)
email (I don't check dA that much, so please email me if it's urgent or for job/commercial purposes)


70 full-color pages, includes a few bonus sketch & WIP pages at the end!
International shipping available!
Bonus Prints - Letter sized (8.5" x 11") new artwork not included in the book! (as long as supplies last)
Update: updated a few things for clarification!

...clearly a thing because apparently I'm just that sporatic bricked

(considering how busy I am right now, I don't know when they'll open again, maybe... year(s)? haha).

Slots are not first come first serve, so please fill out a note with your request/link/description so I get an idea of what you'd like. (but please don't send me a wall of text :heart:)

Trying out something a bit different than before:
  • You state the price/bribe; this is not an auction
  • Bribes start from $100 (this is so I can spend a fair amount of time developing the painting and not just speed through it)
  • Composition will vary depending on what you ask for and how I am inspired by your request (in the rare case I am requested to do "realistic portraits," definitely expect a bust.) I am happy to work with you during the WIP process to make sure the final WIP is to your approval.

50% upfront and 50% after you approve the final WIP. Also, please do not rush me and do not expect it to be finished fast! Thank you and I very much appreciate how patient my past commissioners have been!

General info:
  • Commissions are geared towards personal/private buyers.
  • I am no longer accepting restrictive commissions. I require a level of artistic freedom with your request. For example, you can let me know which things are most important / things that define your request, such as a specific necklace, object, mood, etc., but not the entire image.
  • Edits policy: Since you get a chance to approve the WIP, you only get 1 week to request any edits after the finished draft is delivered. Minor edits (colors, details) will be free. Major edits (pose, bg, whole chunks) will require additional payment. After the week, any further changes will need to be renegotiated.
  • I am extremely busy: I do commissions in my spare time, so it may take months for me to get to it depending on how far down you are on the list. Do not rush me. I'll get to it when I can. 
Commission Types with past pricing info and policy details | Terms of Service


wild unicorn appeared!

capture start! :dummy:


At the moment, PAYPAL is the default form of payment. (if you want to use something else, let me know)

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My Fair Panda
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